Request for Help

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Request for Help

As stated in About this Site, the main goal of this site is to create links to useful information, tutorials, and problem sets on the Web. Though I have been able to collect many URLs myself, any help will be greatly appreciated. If you have, or know of, such a site, please send me an email. Please include the site's URL and a very brief description of its content and target audience.

Though it may not be the wisest decision, I have registered my main site as I decided against .org, because I am not officially an organization or non-profit group, or .com, because this is not intended to be a commercial venture. Therefore, if your site is an online marketing venture with the sole goal of selling a product, please do not send me your URL, no matter how useful your product may be. The only exception to this is a link to a web page that contains information from a peer-reviewed journal about a product or treatment which contains a link to your marketing page.

Also, please understand that I am a group of one and it may take some time to check out the page you suggest and add a link. Please bear with me.

Finally, as stated in my Privacy Policy, I will respond to your email when a link has been established, and then will destroy your message. Your email address will not be stored, added to a mailing list (which does not exist), or transferred to any other party.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.