About Me

B.T. Luke, Ph.D.

    Though I have B.S. degrees in both Biology and Chemistry (California Institute of Technology), and a Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry (Univeristy of Southern California), and have had the honor of doing research with two Professors who went on to win the Nobel Prize (Professor Edward Lewis, 1995 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, and Professor John A. Pople, 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry), I consider myself an Applied Mathematician.

I am currently working at the Advanced Biomedical Computing Center within the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, which is operated by Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc. I am Manager of the Simulation, Analysis, and Mathematical Modeling (SAMM) Group which contains four other researchers with PH.D.'s in either Physical Chemistry or Chemical Physics. We are interested in the physics behind the chemistry behind the biology that causes cancer.

I have developed software to identify biomarkers associated with cancer and have applied it to finding biomarkers from the analysis of blood, urine, and tissue samples. In association with this effort I have developed programs to determine quantitative protein levels by processing the results of LC/MS/MS spectra. I have also written programs for identifying associations between variations in an individual's genome and the likelihood of getting a particular disease, and the association between these variations and survival. This means that if a cohort of individuals are given a particular drug, I can identify genomic markers associated with a good or bad response. I also use mathematical/statistical methods to assist with determining the number of samples, or coverage in a next-generation sequencing study, needed to find a significant result, and perform required software development.

In addition, I am President of B.T. Luke & Associates, Inc. which provides consulting and programming services. If you are interested in learning more, you can examine my List of Publications and online Resume (both updated October, 2013), or just send me an email (btluke@aol.com).