About This Site

Brian T. Luke, Ph.D.

    In my humble opinion (IMHO in computer speak), one of the main purposes of computers in general, and the Internet, is the rapid retrieval of information. In the words of a TV commercial a few years back, it would be great to have instant access to any book ever written in any language. In reality it is not that simple. As an exercise, search the web and try to find the name of Gen. William T. Sherman's wife (it's Ellen Ewing Sherman).

Though this site is not going to be the cure-all for the web, I do hope that it will be able to give this monstorous mass a slight push in the right direction. I believe that the Internet can be a great educational/informational resource for everyone. I also believe that we are in a transition from an Age of Scientific Exploration into an Age of Commerce. (Note that ever since the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, through Descartes' "I think therefore I am," to the present, we have always been in an Age of Self-Discovery, which is great.) Probably through a combination of my formal training as a scientist and my age, I feel that we, as a society, are losing information faster than we are gaining it. Great texts that were invaluable to my education (the works of Herzberg and Slater, for example), are now "Out of Print" and I'm afraid that the fundamental information they contained will be lost.

Therefore, much of the reason behind creating this site is to try to put down some of the things I have learned. There are many other interesting and informational sites on the web, and I will also try to include as many links to them that I can. If you look at my Request for Help, you will also see that I'm open to any sites you are willing to suggest.

Finally, as outlined more throughly in my Privacy Policy, my objective is only to help you find useful information on the Web. I do not count how many visitors come to this site, nor do I collect any information about my visitors. You can rest assured that no one will learn of your cyber-identity by visiting my site, or contacting me.