NMR Analysis

Under Windows



GROMACS is a MD on parallel computers with MPI or PVM. Some features of the software: standard MD simulations, energy minimizations, NMR refinement using NOE data, high performance due to well optimized code and smart algorithms, automatic topology generation from a building block library, flexible force field usage, non-equilibrium MD, many analysis and preprocessing tools.

Isotropic-Spin-Calculator MS-DOS
Isotropic spin calculator/plotter with source code.

MestRe-C Win95
MestRe-C is a freeware NMR data processing program for Windows 95.

morass2.1 Source
MORASS - Multiple Overhauser Relaxation AnalysiS and Simulation - uses a full hybrid matrix eigenvalue/eigenvector solution to the Bloch equations to derive cross-relaxation rates and interproton distances.

NMR-intro MS-DOS
Taspec-PMR is devoted to a brief introduction to nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy that is then followed by a detailed look at pmr spectroscopy. The six other programs in the spectroscopy set cover cmr, ir, uv and ms etc.

NMR-simulation MS-DOS
It is a NMR-Simulation program for up to 8 single spins.